Give A Wave to NHS, Emergency & Social Care Workers

Why Give a Wave?

Why are we drawn to the ocean each summer? Why does being near water set our minds and bodies at ease? There is a remarkable body of evidence that shows time on the water alleviates stress and makes people feel great. Trust us, ask any surfer, swimmer, kayaker, paddleboarder or scuba diver (etc) that you know and they will wax lyrical about how the sea is their ultimate happy place. When you Give a Wave to an NHS, Emergency Services or Care Worker, you are really giving them the space and time to relax and immerse themselves in something that's just for them.

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Ballot Now Open!

We are now accepting nominations for NHS, Emergency Services and Social Care workers who would like a free kayak or SUP session with CBK's. Simply hit the link below and you can nominate yourself or a family member, friend or colleague.

Nominate a local hero

About CBK's

The funds we raise will also support us here at CBK's through our greatest challenge to date, the lockdown. Since we were founded in 2014, we have welcomed over 50,000 visitors to Cullercoats Bay, every single one supporting the ongoing revival of the north east coastal economy. If you've never been to Cullercoats before, it's a beautiful half-moon sandy cove, about 9 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne, you must visit us sometime! In addition to our lovely locals, day-trippers and cruise ship passengers, last year we worked with over 1,800 school children on our adventure activities and water safety programmes. We encourage kids to love the outdoors, get active and be adventurous! We're very much a profit with purpose company, paying Living Wage Foundation rates (or above) to all staff and striving to take care of our environment with partners Surfers Against Sewage and 2-Min Beach Clean.

We hope you'd like to see us thrive long into the future and your donations will 100% support this by:

  • Helping to secure four good quality, local jobs in the longer term.
  • Providing much needed sessional work for an additional five self-employed instructors.
  • Sustaining our business through its biggest challenge yet, so we can come out of this stronger.

As a small, carefully-managed company, we know we can survive the very tough times ahead, but this campaign will cushion our business a little from a lost summer season whilst enabling us to provide something fantastic for the heroes of the COVID-19 crisis.

Our Contribution

We will part-subsidise our activities to maximise the number of people we can reach out to with this campaign. For example, our Coastal Tour would typically cost £39.50 but we will subsidise it by £9.50 and only take £30 from the donations pot.


What will happen to the money raised?

Once the crisis subsides, we will allocate every penny of the donations to providing free activities for professionals from the NHS, emergency services or social care sector.

Can I nominate someone specific to receive the adventure?

Yes - if you donate £30 or more, you will have the option to nominate someone to receive an adventure of their choice. They must work in the NHS, emergency services or social care sector. Maybe it's someone you know has been working flat out, or someone who has had a particularly personal impact on you. We'll be in touch at a later date to find out who you want to nominate and also if you prefer the nomination to be anonymous.

What happens to my donation if I don't nominate someone?

We'll open a ballot once the COVID-19 crisis is over and anyone from the NHS, emergency services or social care sector can either self-nominate or be nominated by a friend to receive an adventure of their choice. We'll give away as many £30 activities as the pot of donations permits.

What adventures can nominees choose from?

Nominees will be able to choose from the following adventures:

  • Kayak Lesson
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Lesson
  • Coastal Kayak Tour
  • Coasteering
Will the nominees need anything special to participate or pay for any extras?

On the day of the activity, everything is provided. All those participating will need is their work ID, swimwear, a towel and a sense of adventure. Participants should have a good level of fitness too.

Will I personally be rewarded?

With this campaign, you are donating your reward to an NHS, Emergency Services or Care Worker, you won't be able to claim the reward activity yourself unfortunately.

Can I come along too?

Yes of course, if you donate an adventure and nominate someone to receive it, you can book on to the same activity as them at the normal commercial rate.

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Contact Us

E-mail us:

Call us: 0191 251 9412

Visit us: 1A Norma Crescent, Cullercoats, NE26 2PD

Our opening hours vary seasonally.

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